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We work with you, Not for you

Ours is a mandate to get you to reign as you run your business. We would like to serve you too.

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About Us.


After close to two decades of experience chalked in various industries, J N Halm set up Grit Business Group to offer customers the service excellence he had become associated with.

Who we are

A core business interest of Grit Business Group is Service Excellence Consulting and Training. We are also a business concern with interests in key sectors spanning Manufacturing, Construction, Power, Real Estates, Import and Export, Oil and Gas, Civil Engineering Works, Printing and Publishing, Events and Conferences.

While we primarily offer our services to individuals and organisations within our immediate space, we also pride ourselves in being the go-to partner for businesses that seek to enter the West African sub-region, irrespective of sector.

We are proud to place all our existing network of partners at the disposal of organisations that are looking to do good business and leave a lasting positive impact on the continent.

Regardless of the challenge facing a customer, we are ready, willing and able to be of help. Like we say here, “To get things done, it takes GRIT!”

What Holds Us

A Vision to be the foremost force for forging a world where service excellence is a lifestyle.

A Mission to offer the best products, services and relationships that help our partners best serve their partners.

Core Values

  • GRIT

Who Leads Us?


J. N. Halm is an experienced business consultant, entrepreneur, author and leader with over a decade of experience in the areas of banking, media and communications. He holds a Master of Philosophy degree in Communications and a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture, with a specialisation in Agricultural Economics and Farm Management.

Mr. Halm is a highly sought-after speaker who has trained staff of some of Ghana’s biggest and most successful corporate bodies. He was awarded the 2019 Service Excellence Leader at the Global Brands Awards in Johannesburg, South Africa.

He is also an accomplished weekly newspaper columnist having written a full-page column for Ghana’s leading business newspaper, Business & Financial Times for more than a decade, and counting.

Books Authored: